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Re: VOY: The Eternal Tide by Kirsten Beyer Review Thread (Spoilers!)

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I's hard to believe looking back, that I was able to spend over 120,000 words writing Janeway and Chakotay in bed. There were times it was a struggle...but I soldiered on, comforted by the certainty that all anyone wants to read about when they pick up a Trek novel is the sex lives of the main characters.
Thanks for taking the time to reply, Kirsten!

My earlier remarks were a bit simplistic in the matter because of a time squeeze, maybe I can flesh out my thoughts a bit more here. And these thoughts are just how I interpret the whole of Voyager, TV series and novels...

1. Mulgrew and Beltran had absolutely no chemistry on screen. Not really Mulgrew's fault, as it's tough to have chemistry with a block of wood. Plus, I now imagine any scene Janeway is in as Mulgrew currently looks in the series NTSF:SUV:SD. I know it's a personal problem, but it is what it is...

2. I liked the road that Chakotay was on in the first two books, a man who had a shattering loss and was picking up the pieces to his life. It made the character likable in a way that he hadn't been up to that point in time.

3. Much like The Search for Spock, this just feels like it's rolling back a monumental event in Trek. Just like Saavik, I fully expect that characters will again be taking a back seat to Janeway, who was the star of Voyager, especially Chakotay.

I really have enjoyed your writing and if you ever write a TOS or TNG book, I am there cash in hand. But I prefer to remember your Voyager as one that outgrew the concept of the show, not falling back on what's came before.
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