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Re: My Trek Through Enterprise: Season One

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You're kinder than me about Aquisition... "Hey let's do a Ferengi episode." "But they weren't introduced to the Federation until TNG time." "Who cares about details, it'll be cool!"

And that sums up a lot of Enterprise at times. Of course it is perfectly concievable Archer just didn't keep records of random aliens who attacked his ship that Data couldn't have looked up a 100 years later. But then people get mad at me for saying he would be that incompitent.
People keep making this complaint, but, it's not legitimate IMHO. They never found out this race who pirated the ship were called The Ferengi, and when T'Pol (Or whichever Vulcan it was) mentioned a race called The Ferengi earlier in the Series, they never saw what one looked like.

So, the record of the event would only describe the race that took over the ship, it wouldn't name them, so, using a search term "Earliest Ferengi encounter" wouldn't turn up this event, until 100+ years later when the Federation met the Ferengi, and then it would only do so, if somebody made a connection and went back and edited the record to mention they found out this race was called The Ferengi.
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