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Re: The Revolution pilot is online now...

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Watching it now....

First reaction: the plane crashing the second the power goes out and smashing into town is straight out of Dies the Fire. Should have just adapted the series and cleaned up its lesser moments.
Is there a justification for that? Loss of electrical power wouldn't cause a plane to crash.
Virtually all airliners today are fly-by-wire. Without electricity they have no controls. They would fall out of the sky like so many rocks.
Most Airbuses use fly-by-wire, but the only Boeing planes to use it so far are the 777 and 787. All the rest still use conventional hydraulics. Also, I don't know for sure but I would be very surprised if there wasn't a backup system; there's a backup for just about everything else, after all.

There have been cases of complete loss of control surfaces in the past. While they usually lead to crashes, it is not an immediate thing. Some control can be maintained by varying the differential engine power. That's not a great solution but it would be something.

Smaller planes such as Gulfstreams, Pipers, Cessnas, etc generally do not use fly-by-wire at all.

There are a few small planes still flying today which do not even have an electrical system. I wonder if those would still work?
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