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Re: sf/f TV development news - 2012

^Different from either of those -- or Ernest Borgnine's Future Cop, which came along just months after Holmes and Yo-Yo -- in that it's not just one unique android cop, but a systemwide practice. That should give it a rather different flavor. We're past the stage of having a single prototype android and to the point where they're routinely employed. One wonders what this says about the society as a whole. If there are enough androids for every LAPD officer to have one as a partner, then how widespread are they in society as a whole? How are they perceived and treated as a class? And there's the issue Guinan raised in "Measure of a Man" -- once androids become a race rather than a unique individual, are they perceived as disposable?

If handled intelligently, this could be a much more interesting show than its predecessors.
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