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Re: A Night in Sickbay. A Masterpiece?

I think the idea was for it to be a bit of a farce, to have the show not take itself so dang seriously, but, truthfully, the actions had consequences. I did like that it picked up on what happened in Strange New World. There was a bit of continuity there, showing that even our smallest actions can create major problems.

The love for Porthos was, I felt, genuine. It did make it obvious that the dog should not have been there in the first place, but he was there, and it makes you think about later Trek, where families are on board. Love or hate Wesley Crusher, he had to have been the first person Beverley would think about when the ship was attacked. Bad idea for him to be aboard? Yes (and not for the purpose of Wesley-bashing). But if you don't allow families on board, you lose most experienced personnel as they give the finger to Starfleet and leave for 20 years or so in order to be with their families. A Catch-22 in the making, yes?
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