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Re: I thought Valiant was a very good episode

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From memory, weren't they supposed to gather data on this new Domonion Battleship and return the intel to the Federation.

If so, they couldn't even follow the mission orders. They wan't to play hero.

But didn't the original scripit have Kira in it. he would have eaten the Cadet's for breakfast.
That would have been amusing in it's own right. Really Nog should have taken them to task or at least tried to. He was an officer himself.

Granted he was only a few months removed from being granted a field commission in the middle of a war, otherwise he still would have been a cadet. (I always liked that they accelerated Nog's commission... that was just a small, subtle reminder that things were bad that people like Nog were being rushed into service) Thus he was only a few months removed from what was basically hero worship of Red Squad.

Giving a group of cadets a front line ship was definitely an epic fail. A cadet ship is an interesting concept but give them an old Miranda class or something. Something they'd have a field day just to keep running it's so old, learning a lot about basic repairs and engineering along with the rest of starship operations. And if they screw it up or mass collective stupidity overwhelms them, it's not that big of a loss.
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