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Re: My rambling thoughts on BSG after a full series run-through

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6. Adama and Roslyn-so Roslyn is appointed president twice, never elected, in fact losing the only election she ever fought after trying to rig it. Tom Zarek who was elected to a position, is ignored by Adama as is the quorum, while Adama carries out a totally inappropriate relationship with Roslyn that makes it seem that the civilians are being governed by a lovers' coup. To make it more absurd, Lee Adama, Bill's son, is appointed later. So... the civilians are being governed by a triumvirate of a military dictator, his girlfriend, and his son. And... we're supposed to side with them when Zarek gets frustrated with this state of affairs?
This x1000. That really pissed me off. We were supposed to feel good about this political backstabbing? The world has ended, we're left with 47,000 people, and we STILL can't have a non-corrupt government?
This raises an interesting question, if an evil man were to be elected to high office and you had the power to stop him, should you? Hitler was elected Chancellor in 1932, should someone in the military have staged a coup to stop him, would he be condemned by historians for doing so? How many lives might he have saved?
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