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Re: The Revolution pilot is online now...

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Is there a justification for that? Loss of electrical power wouldn't cause a plane to crash.
Virtually all airliners today are fly-by-wire. Without electricity they have no controls. They would fall out of the sky like so many rocks.
No, it won't fall like a rock. It will not magically lose all forward momentum and fall straight down. Not in a dive or an incline or anything. But literally straight down. Like someone lifted it up and then let go. Since, you know, that's exactly what happened in the show.

And where are all the simple mechanical machines in this setting? They clearly work, as made evident with the crossbows and modern firearms. Chemical systems still work, too, courtesy of seeing gunpowder and stills in action. So, where exactly is all the industrial revolution-esque technology? And how did entire cities, in which people are clearly still living, get overgrown with vegetation in only 15 years time?

Assuming that this magical field is being created by a satellite network (which is the only possibly way it could be, short of "magic"), then why wouldn't electrical systems work underground or inside certain types of buildings or rooms? Especially when we see that it is clearly possibly to have a field that protects against the effect (but which, for whatever reason, requires a makeshift computer rather than, you know, a real one, of which there would be tons to pick and choose from)?

It's infuriating.
The overgrown vegetation did not really bother me. If Life After People has tought me anything its that plants would take over farly quickly without people to maintain the structures. (of course the shot of Wrigley Field seemed odd since it was TOO overgrown especially given that its located in a densely packed part of the city).

The airplanes suddenly falling made no sense. Airplanes are perfectly capable of gliding unless the pilots suddenly fell asleep.

What no one seems to have addressed is the fact that there are quite a few nuclear power plants in Illinois. If power suddenly stopped working there would be nothing to prevent them (or any of the hundreds of plants around the world) from going into meltdown.
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