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Re: Help me select a ship

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My advice?

Renaissance-class Light Cruiser
Length: 330m
Beam: 199m
Decks: 19
Crew: 240 officers and crew
I have thought about using the class before, which was why I suggested it. It has the smallness that I like, with design elements of the Ambassador-Class, which is my favourite ship.

MasterArminas wrote: View Post
We have no information on how fast the Renaissance-class ships were, but I would recommend that they be either the same speed or slightly faster than an Ambassador (i.e., somewhere around Warp 6 Standard Cruise, Warp 8 Sustained Cruise, Warp 9 Flank, Warp 9.5 Maximum; all warp speeds being the TNG scale, not the TOS scale, with Flank and Maximum speeds being pretty heavily time-constrained; probably around 12 hours at Warp 9 and one or two at Max).
In "Encounter at Farpoint", when they had the 'dramatic' going to maximum warp scene, when they hit 9.2 they were said to have exceeded any other ship, so I'd peg the original maximum speed of the Renaissance-Class at no more than 9.2. But then again, refits and upgrades could have boosted that in recent years.
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