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Re: Season TWO OFFICIAL TNG Blu-Ray Discussion Thread

Can't wait for this. I will be at a theater screening if they really are having one because I was on the fence about buying season 1, decided to buy it, and regretting not doing the theater screening the night before. Also, I think having just gone and seen Dark Knight Rises had something to do with it too.

The only hard thing will be waiting like 21 days while the excitement on here is going strong because I plan on asking for this set for Christmas. Still, I can't wait and I'm glad we finally have a release date.

I really hope Stardate Revisited Season 2 has an exclusive interview with Diana Muldaur. I would love to see what she's been up to since TNG, what she looks like now, and her time on the show. One thing that I found unfortunate is that the writers never brought Pulaski back and even her name was only mentioned once. It was like one and done and she was forgotten. Yeah I get the McCoy criticisms, but to shove a character to the side like that is just something I found as a missed opportunity.

Speaking of Diana Muldaur, I was searching through Youtube and actually found a video from January 2012 where she does talk about her time on TNG. It's this kind of thing I hope is on the set.

Her TNG talk starts at the 15 minute mark and she does get a bit of info wrong regarding Gene Roddenberry's death. Also, I think the end of this segment about why she left is revealing and might be why she never came back.

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