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Re: Why isn't Internet free for everyone yet?

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There have been studies on the behavior of new borns and young children and the results were that they are kind, helpful and understanding. They learn the concepts of greed, suspicion, mistrust, xenophobia and aggression, they don't inherit them.
And I just finished a copy of the New England Journal of Medicine that contains a twin study that reached the exact OPPOSITE conclusion, conducted on children between 9 months and 3 years. The basic result was that twins raised in vastly different households with vastly different social circumstances had nearly identical reactions to social situations; specifically, the children who were less likely to "play nicely" or were more likely to fight over a toy or throw tantrums in response to adversity correlated directly with the twins and wasn't affected by parenting (e.g. families that emphasized fair play and sharing had the same problem with the greedy twin).

Those of you on this board who have children will probably not see this as a terrible surprise.

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Sometimes I feel like people treat the internet like its a natural resource. The internet isn't water. You can't just go down to the well and pump yourself some internet. The internet was made by people, and people have to maintain it. They're not gonna do that for free!
We live in a socio-economic system where there's a pervasive rule: work, or you don't get to live (because that's what it comes down to) and in which idiotic myths such as 'money is the ONLY motivation for people' persisted for generation.
I can't say that anyone I know has ever actually believed this. The closest I've ever heard is "money is the only motivation for mercenaries," which isn't really the same thing.

On a flip-note of things there are far more humans who do things in life for free...
90% of the things ANYONE does are free. Take you, right now, reading this message. Are you getting paid to read forum posts or respond to them? Are you making any money typing your response? Did I make any money raising my son for the past three and a half years, and if I turn out to be a better father than my own, do I get a bonus in the end?

Of course not. But then... if I offered you a choice between posting on trekbbs for $3 an hour or mopping floors at WalMart for $20 an hour, and you can only pick one of the two, which one would you pick?

But as I said... if we used automation to its fullest extent... you wouldn't have to use people for labor
And as has been asked of you MANY times, what exactly do you propose we do with the laborers?

Consider the fact that not everyone in this world WANTS to spend half a decade in college just to be able to do something useful, and not everyone is mentally or psychologically capable of doing so. Not that anyone here is inclined to celebrate mediocrity, mind you, but denouncing it altogether can be even more hazardous.
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