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Re: A Warp Fighter

^ More advanced starships have the entire vessel rigged with holoemitters, so that wouldn't be much of a problem, just have the holocrew do all the work as if they were a normal crew. The real problem comes with somebody realizing they can immobilize the entire ship just by cutting off the signal from the starship to its home base.

A more basic point: an unmanned remote weapons platform isn't actually a "fighter." What you have in that case is a sort of "next generation of phaser banks" where your weapons detach from the ship and move to an ideal firing position independent of the vessel that powers them. This would be a sort of normalization of the EP-607 system from "The Arsenal of Freedom," with the added benefit that a starship could deploy an indefinite number of these things into the battlespace, limited only by the amount of power it could transmit to them.
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