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Re: The OFFICIAL TNG Blu-Ray Season TWO Discussion Thread

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During the course of seven years on Voyager, Harry Kim went from ensign to..... ensign. This is a character who has died several times in the line of duty, and Janeway never considers his acts worthy of an additional pin.
Weeeeelll, there is some precedent for this, although it's flimsy, I'll admit. I don't think it would have been a good idea for a starship that was trapped several thousand lightyears from home to start messing with the chain of command. After all, in regular Starfleet, a promotion opens your career up to new opportunities outside your existing post. On Voyager, it only determines how high you are on the local totem pole, because there is no grand scale. It would have created unneeded tension between the crew for Harry to be given authority over crew mates with whom he was previously on an equal footing with (as well as crew mates under whom he was previously subordinate but would have now been equal in rank to), crew mates who would have had exactly the same opportunities for promotion back in Federation space. How do you promote Harry while simultaneously denying every other members of the crew their due?

I think the point was basically that pretty much everyone on that ship deserved equal opportunity for advancement, but because of their extenuating circumstances, they just weren't gonna get it. Apocryphally, he was promoted to a full Lieutenant, skipping Junior Lieutenant entirely.

If I recall, the only promotions ever given out on the show (aside from B'Elanna becoming chief engineer in the infancy of the show) were given to Tuvok and Paris. Tuvok's promotion didn't affect his position in the chain of command, and Paris' promotion only came after getting demoted once.


Anyways, enough about Voyager.

I'm certainly looking forward to S2 more than S1. I'm especially interested in Where Silence Has Lease. While not a perfect episode, Nagilum was an awesome villain. I wish we could have seen more of him in any form of Trek.
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