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Re: The road to the R2 1/350 TOS Enterprise...

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So, do all you 1701 club shills actually get a kit this month?

If so, I am sooooo jealous.

No money has actually exchanged hands yet. Being a 1701 member simply means that you were among the first 1701 people to put your name in with an intent to purchase. In exchange we received periodic updates on the development of the kit. The only condition was that while we were free to talk about the updates and their content R2 asked that we not copy and openly share the photos and actual text of those updates. Finally in September (or possibly early October) the 1701 members will be the first offered the opportunity to purchase a premiere edition of the kit. The premiere edition includes the alternate parts to build one of the three versions of the ship: 1st pilot ("The Cage" Pike era), 2nd pilot (WNMHGB) or series production (Kirk era). It's a similar idea as the small PL 1/1000 scale TOS E kit. After the release of the premiere kit then R2 will release the standard retail kit which doesn't include the alternate parts. But R2 will be offering separate accessory kits for the standard edition: alternate parts, a lighting kit and a weathering decals kit. And you can be sure that third parties will step up to offer other accessories.

A 1701 member isn't truly obligated to purchase the premiere kit when it's offered, but then why put your name in early? If you don't purchase it when it's offered then they just offer it to the next one on the list. And they did get some 2000 names or so put forth so there should move all those premiere kits.

The 1701 updates are particularly sweet. You got to see into how a model is made, but more so you saw how meticulous and devoted these guys are to produce this incredible kit. It really is the holy grail so many of us have been waiting decades for.
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