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Re: I would love to create a new Star Trek Series

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First step: Get a job in Hollywood writing for some boring-ass formulaic sitcom or cop show for years and years. Gotta pay your dues!

Then, once you've worked your way into a position where you can get past CBS security, convince Les Moonves that Star Trek is worth bothering with.

Or, just acknowledge that most TV writing is dreadful because it's goverened by the needs of advertisers to have a zombified audience to sell shit to. The odds of having the opoortunity to work on anything worthwhile, or that remotely expresses your or anyone else's creative vision, are pretty low.

Write novels instead. You'll have a lot more creative freedom.

Or maybe look into all those low busget internet series popping up all over the place. There, you at least have the possibility of doing somethng interesting (although personally I've yet to see a sci fi internet series where something didn't immediately turn me off, usually the acting, oddly enough...)
Sometimes novels get turned into movies, that was how J.R. Tolkein got his movies produced, long after his death.
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