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Re: Movies Seen in 2012

132. District 9 (B+)
133. The Rescuers (B-)
134. Anatomy of a Murder (A)

Three movies I've seen before, but revisted recently. District 9 is, I think, close to a sf classic -- but is weighed down by its Nigerian villains, whose portrayal comes off as more than a trifle racist and reminiscent of colonial discourse.

The Rescuers isn't top-tier Disney, but it's perfectly fine on iuts own terms. Some of the animation struck me as a bit lazy -- several of the creatures at the end seem culled from the studio's earlier output -- but most of it was just fine.

Anatomy of a Murder is, visually, far from the most impressive thing Otto Preminger ever filmed -- but it doesn't matter one bit. It's so good, even now (the third or fourth time I've seen it in as many years) because of the actors and the script, which is sharp and surprisingly frank for the period.

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