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Re: This show sucks shit

Sexy Human:

Well now, you've had five posts to insert some content into this thread with which you have graced us, but alas, I have yet to see any from you. "This show sucks shit" does not qualify as substantive enough material on which to base a meaty discussion.

Normally a disgruntled viewer is free to spew whatever vitriol he or she needs to get out of his or her system. We have many members who seem to derive immeasurable joy from heaping negativity upon this series. But they usually have the saving grace of going into more detail about why they hate the show... plot, characters, and suchlike, so others can discuss the topic. We are a discussion board, after all.

Since this is the third hate thread you've started in less than two days, I think we get the idea now. Time to say good-bye to this one.
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