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Re: The Revolution pilot is online now...

I tried to watch it today, but couldn't get myself to care about any of it. The premise is utterly silly and the characters are boring as hell. Turned it off after 25 minutes or so. J.J. Abrams' pilots just keep getting worse and worse, don't they? I mean, Alias and Lost had fantastic pilots, but between Undercovers, Alcatraz, and this, I don't think he's got it any more. Or maybe he just has too much on his plate these days to care about tv? I would have expected more from Jon Favreau, as well.

I guess it's not fair to judge a show based on half a pilot, but I just couldn't see it getting much better any time soon. I mean, the Lost and Alias pilots had me hooked after the first 5 minutes, while this one didn't introduce a single major plot point or character that didn't have me shaking my head at the half-baked clichés.

Oh well, I might give it another shot if I hear it improves a lot after a couple of episodes, but so far I'm a bit disappointed.
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