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Re: TOS-era Defiant-class Ships

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Did anyone ever put a plan view of Sisko's Defiant next to a plan view of a Constitution-class starship, both in the same scale? (I realize there has been some debate as to what the physical size of the Defiant was.)

I often thought about seeing those same two in scale.
If we go by the oft-used deck height comparison,
FJ Constitution class has the top five decks ABOVE the primary hull. If we go to six decks, then we're down to the upper half of the saucer rim.

Depending on your sources, the Defiant may be five or six decks high. If we go by deck heights, the Defiant is seemingly only as high as the Const. bridge down to the top of the primary hull (minus the bulky Defiant nacelles).

Yet every ship chart I've seen shows Defiant as a much greater size in relation to a Constitution class. Unless the deck height thing isn't comparable.
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