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Re: Help me select a ship

My advice?

Renaissance-class Light Cruiser
Length: 330m
Beam: 199m
Decks: 19
Crew: 240 officers and crew

USS Aries (NCC-45167) (the ship that Will Riker was offered) was a Renaissance-class. Hokkaido (registry unknown), Hornet (NCC-45231), and Maryland (NCC-45109) were also ships of this class.

One of my sources (Ex Astris Scientia) has the last ship of this class commissioned in 2337.

She has 8 phaser array strips (5 on the saucer dorsal, 3 on the saucer ventral) and either one or two torpedo tubes between the saucer and dish (one installation, but I personally would go with two tubes). Since she dates back to the age of the Ambassadors and Korolevs, probably Type VIII (Excelsior) or Type IX (Ambassador) class phasers, and single shot torpedoes (photon, not quantum capable).

We have no information on how fast the Renaissance-class ships were, but I would recommend that they be either the same speed or slightly faster than an Ambassador (i.e., somewhere around Warp 6 Standard Cruise, Warp 8 Sustained Cruise, Warp 9 Flank, Warp 9.5 Maximum; all warp speeds being the TNG scale, not the TOS scale, with Flank and Maximum speeds being pretty heavily time-constrained; probably around 12 hours at Warp 9 and one or two at Max).

She fits the bill for an older ship, but isn't exactly a pushover either. She's bigger and has more internal volume than a Constitution-class, but requires just over half as many crew. Plenty of elbow room, and she probably has at least 60 staterooms for passengers, diplomats, etc.

Bry Sinclair posted a link to a schematic of these ships, as well. They look good, do the job, and aren't over-the-top wanked out.

You could do a lot a worse. Of course, this is just my opinion, but these are nice ships to play around with in a story.

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