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Re: I want Data back...

Right. It's not about "counting." All these stories are equally unreal. They're not study materials for a test where you have to get the right answers; they're works of entertainment. As long as you enjoy them, it doesn't matter if they fit together. There are different continuities in play, though, and what happens in one isn't binding on the others. The Shatner novels were pretty much separate from the main novels because they were aimed at a somewhat distinct audience, and because nobody was going to tell William Shatner he couldn't do what he wanted because some no-name novelist had done something different.

So in the Shatnerverse, Kirk was resurrected and Janeway never died; while in the main novel continuity, Kirk was never resurrected and Janeway did die. Among other discrepancies, like when Bajor joined the Federation and when Titan finished its business at Romulus and began its exploratory mission.
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