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Re: I just started watching E2

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I disliked it. Yet another dead horse time travel reset button pushing episode with no real purpose other than a filler episode in the Xindi plot.
Agreed. That episode sucked shit.
I couldn't begin to match your eloquence.

But never let it be said I didn't try. The first bit is there's really nothing original about this one. Children of Time anyone? This exact concept down to the accident sending the crew back in time and their descendants running into them. They even so the same routine, who hooked up with who in the future conversations. And again, the same conflict between the descendants and main crew about maintaining the descendants timeline with almost the same resolution too. The reset button was pushed as if it had never happened in the end. T'Pol's argument about them remembering isn't exactly convincing being there are multiple incidents of Time Travel resets that Trek characters remember... like the aforementioned Children of Time for example.

Plus this whole episode is just a blatant filler. The Xindi plot arc is really coming to a climax with Archer about to appear before the council and they throw this one at us? Just when you really start to get into an Enterprise story arc, it's like they deliberately try and come up with something to mess it up. Sure, I get the need that over a 26 episode season sometimes you do need random filler episodes that don't have much to do with the overall story arc, but to put it right in the middle of the climax of the season's arc?

There were some nice character bits in this one with Trip, Lorian and both T'Pols, but that's all that's really not enough to make the episode enjoyable to me. Last time I rewatched the Xindi arc I did just skip this one... you can do that and lose nothing in the storyline.
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