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Re: Two new Star Trek Series might be coming to the small screen.

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He could play Ambassador Worf, older now and having trouble letting go of her badass youth as a Klingon warrior. That's a reasonable basis for a character. The real problem there is, Worf is associated with old pre-Abrams Trek, the stuff that flopped, and CBS will want to align itself with the movies and recent success.
Actually pre-Abrams Trek didn't flopped. It was on television for 18 years, fans just got bored of the same routine. And Enterprise was doom to be cancel, even before it even air.
Yes, but, that's reality, which is a completely different universe, then a bean counter looking back now at numbers on a Spreadsheet and making assumptions
Yep, its all about, what have you done for me lately, baby? To the bean coutner mentality, Star Trek was old and tired and nobody wanted to watch it anymore until JJ Abrams came along and made it relevant and popular again.

And the bean counters hold veto power over any new series. Whether their mndset is valid or fair is beside the point. It must be taken into consideration in any realistic appraisal of the franchise's future. Even if its nothing more than Abrams giving his PR blessing to a new series and just stepping aside because he's not interested n being involved.
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