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Re: I want Data back...

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Kirk's still dead and Spock is getting stuck in a new timeline try again.
You must've missed all those Jim Kirk in the 24th Century books that Pocket started churning out in the mid-late 90's.
All of which are in their own little universe that have very little to do with the regular lit verse except for references within them to characters from it that are also included in this universe, Much how STO is separate from the regular lit verse.

And the fact that Spock died in the 2280's, yet still has adventures well into the 24th century. Wasn't Spock even on the cover of a book with Sisko not so long ago?
And yet in 2387 he will get sucked into a black hole and end up in an alternate 2258, but from the point of view of the prime verse characters will have appeared to have died.
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