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Re: Thoughts about Filmmaking

I think what JarodRussell is trying to say is (and I could be wrong) -- he likes the 1982 Conan and does not like the remake.

In all seriousness, I think what this boils down to is the ever increasing prominence of ADD in the world and in the audiences. Or at least, the perceived prominence of such.

Filmmakers and studios are so afraid now that in our attention-grabbing, information superhighway-obsessed and stimulation-seeking brains we won't have the attention span to appreciate a slower paced film like The Dark Knight Rises. This is why a movie like The Avengers has such fast cutting. Even The Dark Knight suffered from this, though I think in that situation it was more of a stylistic choice on Nolan's part.

But it's true. Compare an episode of TOS or any other show from the '60s and '70s to one from today. Pacing back then was slower; shows took their time. These days, everything is lightning quick. Remember when people would bitch about how slowly things were happening on LOST? Same thing. The producers were taking their time but had a viewing audience that wanted things to progress faster because they've been wired on Michael Bay crap for years to expect that.

So while I think the point Jarod is making is somewhat obvious and overblown out of proportion, I also can see what he's saying, though it doesn't extend far past "green is the superior color to orange" by much.
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