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Re: The Revolution pilot is online now...

Lindley wrote: View Post

Is there a justification for that? Loss of electrical power wouldn't cause a plane to crash.
I doubt it. I was just pointing out that the book and the TV show had pretty much the same thing happen. The way the plane crashed in the show made it look like it was almost lassoed and pulled down.

Guy Gardener wrote: View Post
The use of weapons indicates trust and rank. Grunts get swords, get a promotion you have a musket, get a promotion and you have a real gun.

But you heard them, owning a fire arm is a hanging offence.

Which makes the whole thing political, and not related to the blackout.

Apparently bullets are very easy to make..
I would think that only a militarily incompetent idiot would hand out swords before handing out guns. Give man a gun and he can shoot it in a few minutes and be useful (in the 17th century sense) in battle in a few days or weeks. Give a man a sword and wait months for him to be of any use.

Someone does seem to have found a way to start making things. In a way that almost makes sense. I know at least one guy who lives within 50 miles of me and does blacksmithing for fun. A bunch of whack job Doomsday Preppers might find ways to encourage him to make more than 19th century style horseshoes and door handles.
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