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Re: I want Data back...

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When a creator or writer tries to make death be death - as Logan, Baird, Stewart and Spiner were trying to do in Nemesis - maybe we should just accept that, rather than act as a fan and a dreamer, and deny death the totalised power it has over all our existences.
On the one hand I agree with you, on the other hand I think this is arguably a special case because it's Data. Data is an android, and because he is an android the differences between artificially created, non-biological life and us have always been part of his treasure chest of story potential. If there is a technologically credible way to remake him because he is an android then that fact in itself is a story beat that begs to be exploited. You can make a case that treating Data's death as final just as if he were human is actually not staying true to his nature, and so not using the character to his full potential.

Put in another way, I enjoyed writing my above post about how resurrecting Data might work. The scifi fan in me thinks it makes for some good science fiction. And that's what we're after, no?

Then again, this is the guy talking who opened this thread. I could read 100 pages on how rebooting Data works on a tech level and be well-entertained .
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