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Re: Quite a lot of death and destruction.....

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I think Trek (especially 24th century Trek) is overdue something light and fun, to break up the near-constant stream of threats and chaos and destruction.

I cried my eyes out over DRGIII's Plagues of Night and through most of Raise the Dawn but came away from the second much cheered and feeling like things were beginning to look up. I almost didn't buy them because I've been thinking about the "darker Trekverse" comments I've been hearing and didn't think I could stomach more doom and gloom. PoN and RtD aren't for the faint of heart either, but I am much encouraged by the message and the tone and highly recommend them both.

And Kirsten Beyer's work - well you HAVE to read them because she's great and the new one will make you grin. You can feel her joy through the pages. I'm almost giddy over the recent turn of events in the Trekverse.

I plan to go back this weekend and clear everything else they have out (all four of them) and do some catching up!
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