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Re: The OFFICIAL TNG Blu-Ray Season TWO Discussion Thread

Season 1/2 was rough overall and we all know by now what a colossal dick Maurice Hurley was but I don't think TNG's early seasons, or even as a whole, where as terribly sexist as you seem to suggest.

For example, in The Child once Troi decides to have the baby the issue on to abort or not is dropped. Which alone is showing a lot of support for women's rights and choices that abortion was even on the table! There's some initial concern over how the baby was conceived and what it meant but overall Troi's choices and motherhood isn't questioned in the least.

So how, exactly, was it "typical" of TNG/Trek's treatment of women? TNG even often showed women in positions of power and status. Picard's career in Pre-TNG history hung in the balance based on the actions of a woman. That's quite a long way from when in TOS it's pretty openly suggested women weren't allowed to command starships. S1's "Conspiracy" even has Picard admiring a woman who was able to achieve a commanding rank quicker than any other officer.

Yeah, occasionally we get the crap episode like the treatment of "Yar" in the widely maligned "Code of Honor" and we've discussed at great lengths the problems the series had behind the scened with Hurley.

But TNG was hardly using women as purely sex objects to appeal to male viewers which, really, was what they were used for in TOS and Voyager brought us with Seven of Nine's catsuit and Enterprise with T'Pol's catsuit. As DS9 wore on even Dax became more promiscuous and Leeta was pure eye candy.

So, aside from Troi's bunny outfit TNG was pretty damn even handed when it came to women because even though she was in a sexy costume atleast with Troi (being a counselor and possibly wanting to present a friendly appearance to her patients) added something to the stories and crew. Seven brought on an absurd uniform and a body full of Borg McGuffins.

T'Pol brought in the Braga-ian "emotionless woman in bunny suit", judgment of humans and someone to rub "decon goo" on.

But you've continually posted on episodes for the first two seasons like they were treating women as just pure pieces of worthless dirt. It wasn't great, sure, but it wasn't nearly as terrible as you're making it out to be.
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