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Re: I want Data back...

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Although the catch there is that memory isn't personality. Data has all of Lal's memories, but who she was as a person didn't survive in him. Consciousness is more than just information, it's a dynamic process running within a neural network. So just dumping Data's memories into a blank android body wouldn't give you Data, any more than dumping them into B-4 did. If it could be done, there'd have to be something more going on. And what you got as an end result might not be exactly Data, so much as a new individual that remembered what Data had known and experienced. The question is whether that would be close enough.
It depends on the form in which Data stores memories. The show has on some occasions shown him capable of perfect audiovisual recall, which may hint at him posessing a complete, unbroken record of all of his sensory inputs. If so then you could perhaps reset the neural network and recreate Data's personality by replaying the log.

Some remaining challenges would be to try and find a way to do it faster than realtime without violating the goal of staying true to the original (in case time turns out to be a factor in the physical processes going on in his positronic brain), accounting for external circumstances that go beyond his sensor capability (as basic example, perhaps Data once was exposed to a radiation field affecting his brain while experiencing certain things, and if you wanted the sensory replay of those things to have the exact same state-altering effects on his brain, you'd need to recreate this radiation field as well) and accounting for build differences between Data and whatever new body (i.e. making sure the starting conditions are the same).

A sufficiently science- and engineering-capable or properly advised writer should be able to write a plausible and credible resurrection by covering those things, at least arguably plausible and credible enough by the standards of the franchise.

(I consider the above not a story idea since it logically follows from thinking about the technology.)
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