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Revolution pilot review

I saw it last night on Hulu Plus.
It looked great. Same Director of Photography who did 43 episodes of Alias and many of Lost. The lighting was very nice and it was not shot on film.
I thought it was short and was expecting 85 minutes. It left me wanting for more.
It sets up the characters nicely and reveals a lot. The plot itself was very simple and easy to foreshadow.
A lot of violence in the big fight scene with swords. Yes they wanted to show that that character was very good at killing when needed. A little too much swashbuckling for me. I hope they tone that down.
The whole arrow & crossbow thing will become a fad now that The Hunger Games are in full swing for the next 5 years.

I am looking forward to seeing this series be on the road and not spend too much time in and around Chicago. Wondering how much episode 2 will be different than the pilot. I'll give it a few episodes.
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