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Re: The Revolution pilot is online now...

Watching it now....

First reaction: the plane crashing the second the power goes out and smashing into town is straight out of Dies the Fire. Should have just adapted the series and cleaned up its lesser moments. Now it seems they have just ripped it off without keeping the psuedo logic that all technology stopped because things can't go boom anymore.

Other things:
1. I have no problem with looney tunes militias taking over after a societal collapse. But if Doomsday Preppers has taught me anything...why would any of the militia types accept a black dude in their ranks?

2. So did they live in a cul de sac in the middle of the woods or did they just burn out the rest of the subdivision?

3. Fishing crews in Chicago? Wouldn't that require a massive depopulation of the human species to have avoided overfishing by the time the story is set? Unless I am wrong, fish is something that people with access to boats would go to pretty quickly to get food when the trucks stop rolling.

4. Wouldn't most cities and airports have burned down within fifteen years if there are no fire departments or even access to running water for hoses to stop a fire?

5. I do like the guys reloading the muskets. I could buy that the blacksmith who is presumably making the swords also does guns.

6. That Monroe guy's tent and demeanor reminds me a lot of General Whatshisname from The Postman. I liked that movie for strange movies, but will Monroe become Ben Linus or Dr. Claw?

Overall Verdict: I'll DVR it until I see that it won't start making more sense or doesn't have a thought out storyline.

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