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Re: Last Classic Who Story you watched

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We've been slowly working through their catalog of Classic Who with our two youngest kids. Making sure they're not like their peers who only know Tennant and Smith.
You're good parents. My friends have an 8 month old daughter and they tell me that she finds classic Who very soothing.

I was recently talking to a guy that bragged to me that his mother had watched every episode of Doctor Who. I asked him to clarify if he meant every episode of the old series too or just the new series. He answered, "No, she's seen the old series too. You know, the guy that came before Tennant..." It's insane. It's only been 7 years and yet Eccleston is already considered "old series" by the ignorant masses. And they can't even remember his name! He's just "the guy that came before Tennant."
And that is PRECISELY why we're making sure our kids see the classics!

I saw Hartnell and Troughton in the UK as a child, then moved back to the States and only caught the occasional Tom Baker and Peter Davison stories on PBS. Netflix has given me the opportunity to catch up on all that I missed as well as being a source for dependable entertainment that we can share with our (now) 17 & 20-year olds. Alas, it came too late for the 28 year old. He's not yet converted to Whovian. But he's a lifelong Trekkie, so I don't feel that we've failed entirely!
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