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Re: The OFFICIAL TNG Blu-Ray Season TWO Discussion Thread

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Woah there! Don't get your femministic panties in a twist. Generalize much? Women's roles on Trek nothing more than incubators and insulting and unprofessional? What about Kira, Dax, Torres, Janeway? These were strong and well written characters. Even Troi was given more respect by the TNG writers in later seasons when she finally donned a starfleet uniform and was promoted to Commander.
Well, Kira was literally used as someone else's incubator, but that was handled much, much better than in the Child. Dax is a character who certainly earns respect with her being Sisko's right hand officer and being able to earn the respect of three legendary Klingons.

Janeway? Well, she demands respect and loves the Prime Directive more than Picard loves his Earl Grey Tea. Sure, she's the captain, but she doesn't really do anything to earn the respect of the crew under her command. One of her biggest missteps was making Torres the chief engineer, the character who punches officers square in the face, disobeys direct orders, puts the ship in danger and can't even identify fecal matter even with a tricorder. Obviously chief engineer material for starfleet standards.... well, at least standards for Janeway since when it comes to talking about crossing the warp 10 barrier, Tom Paris, Neelix and Harry Kim deliberately shun her off. Obviously the chief engineer whom they respect obviously knows nothing about warp engines. No, the helmsman is the one to turn to.

Also, why would you include Janeway at all? Compare her treatment of Harry Kim to Sisko's treatment of Nog. During the coruse of seven years on DS9, Nog went from a petty thief who ended up serving on DS9 to becoming a fully fledged Starfleet Lieutenant who served on the Defiant under Sisko's command during the Dominion War. During the course of seven years on Voyager, Harry Kim went from ensign to..... ensign. This is a character who has died several times in the line of duty, and Janeway never considers his acts worthy of an additional pin.

But I guess times have changed for the better, because now Star Trek has only one female character in the entire cast and so far she'll leave her station at the drop of a hat whenever it involves her boyfriend. You know her potential is really high when Chekov is the one who does her tasks.
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