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Re: DC's New 52: Reviews and Discussion (Spoilers welcolme and likely)

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This is an overall comment on the relaunch.
Disclaimer: I grew up reading comics in the 70's mostly by raiding my uncle's collection which stretched back to the late 50's. My only nitpick with the newer comics is that it seems like every story has to get stretched out over multiple issues, even though the story itself isn't that epic or involved. There's a lot of wasted time with an entire page whereas one panel could have done the job. Recently in Justice League, it was Trevor's sister blaming the JL for Steve's predicament. A lot more ink went into that than necessary.

So I enjoy the comics just as much as I did as a kid but these stories need to be tightened up to one issue. Back in the day, when something went multiple issues it was a big deal. Now, it's like Season 3 of ST:ENT sometimes. Just get to it already!
That's been a development of the past 5, 10 years really. Ever since trade paperbacks have become popular. The writers are shifting to writing for that format, while still in a monthly one. Decompression was interesting for awhile, now it's like... annoying.
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