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The episode does illustrate an interesting option: a small suicide ship can outpower and outmaneuver a much larger ship.
The Orion attackers are described as fast and maneuverable and sensorproof and possessing moderate firepower. But as far as dimensions go, the terminology chosen is "the size of a scout ship". Hardly a case for fightercraft here.
Really? How big is "a scout ship" in TOS? How many were in the Orion ship's crew?

For an indication of how small "a scout ship" could go, here's from TAS: More Tribbles, More Troubles []:
SULU: Captain, it is a Klingon ship. Rapidly closing on its target.
SPOCK: Sensors indicate the smaller vessel is a one-man scout ship of common design.
SULU: They're firing on him.

Granted, I doubt the Orion ship was that small, but tell me how big it was, and how we know that.
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