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Re: If annother Trek series was being made, what would you want in it?

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Of course, and putting 21st century people that we can better relate too could help a lot too. Hence my idea for having a 24th century Starship appear in orbit with a mad captain who kidnaps people with the transporter to fill out his crew roster. Say the guy was switched over from the mirror universe due to a transporter accident, and then found an excuse to get rid of its 24th century crew, and using the slingshot maneuver he takes the ship to the 21st century, our time, and begins his plot to built the Terran Empire with himself as Emperor. First he beams up a bunch of criminals from jails to act as security officers, then he beams up world class scientists from before they became famous so they wouldn't be missed. A few soldiers are beamed up as well to provide military training etc.
Why not just bring a person forward in time from the 21st century. Seems less convoluted.
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