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Re: Is Wrath of Khan Overrated

It's amazing how little fandom has changed. I've been reading Boldly Writing: A Trekker Fan and Zine History and the comments about Wrath of Khan in fanzines at the time mirror those I've read here on TBBS since JJ Abrams' Star Trek was released in 2009.

Boldy Writing wrote:
The bulk of Interstat's July issue, however, was devoted to movie comments. I said, "I have been watching Star Trekfor 16 years now...and I must say that Star Trek:The Wrath of Khan strikes me as the best one of all." Roberta Rogow added, "There is so much that is RIGHT about ST:WOK that it's hard to pick holes." Daniel Wolpe said simply, "I thought it was TERRIFIC!! It was great!! WONDERFUL!! EXCITING!!" There were also some who enjoyed the movie, but had reservations. D. Booker said, "but why such a hackneyed tune as 'Amazing Grace?'" Jeffrey K. Wagner said, "I was very much surprised that Khan recognized Chekov, considering that he wasn't in first-year episodes." Other fans, in this month and successive months, complained about Kirk saying "I feel young" so soon after Spock's death. A few others objected to the movie outright. In July, Barbara Gordon said, "Perhaps I am hard to please, but in spite of some good moments, I did not like ST II, for many reasons." In August, Bobbie Hawkins said, "I wouldn't say TWOK is the best episode, nor is it even anywhere near the top 2 or 3 episodes. I would place it with the bottom 20 or 30." Jane Wesenberg added, "To me, STII was a painful, dismal failure.... I cannot conceive of, nor will I accept, the death of Spock as part of the 'real' or mainstream Trek saga." To which Ellen L. Kobrin responded, "To any and all who don't like ST:TWOK for whatever reason: All I can say is that I feel truly sorry for you."
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