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Re: The OFFICIAL TNG Blu-Ray Season TWO Discussion Thread

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Maxwell, did you get the impression that the second team hired to scan and edit the season 3 film were to be a permanent addition? Or just a stopgap to help pick up the pace?
Back in June I was only told Season Two and Three were being worked on concurrently and that they had "a second team working at the same time."

Turns out it was Illuminate Hollywood (according to Dan Curry in a video posted by Larry Nemecek) who were brought in to handle most of the workload of Season Two, while CBS Digital were supposedly busy working on Season Three. It's likely they are alternating even/odd seasons -- Illuminate says on their website they are working on "multiple seasons." According to them, they are using a relatively new process called iConform (<--definitely read this page) to do the restoration work on Season Two (and others).

FrontierTrek probably has a definitive answer on my even/odd speculation. I guess we'll know sometime next week.
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