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Re: My Microhero Gallery

Albertese wrote: View Post
For future reference, Green Lantern, ordinarily, a thread that has nothing really to do with Star Trek should have (OT) of "Off Topic" in the thread title.

But no worries, I think these are kinda cool. I'm a DCU fan as well. Though, I must admit, I watch the cartoons more than I actually read the comics.

Who knows, I ight make some Trek micros in the future But thanks for the tip!

Thanks! Yeah, I'm a massive GL fan (as you could tell!) so I tend o make tons of green lantern micros. And I used to only watch the cartoons and films too! Only started comics recently.
Methos wrote: View Post
pretty fun...

you should do a load of Trek characters as well, would love for you to do Ezri and Q

Thanks dude!

I am actully thinking of doing some Trek. I have no idea who Ezri is, but I know who Q is, I'd probably enjoymaking him! I think I'd only do TOS and TNG though, seeing they're he only ones I watch. oh, might do ones from the films too.
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