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Re: The OFFICIAL TNG Blu-Ray Season TWO Discussion Thread

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Report on upcoming Season 2 at TrekCore:

I cannot emphasize enough how AMAZING this release is going to be!
Argh, tantalising! Sounds like you've heard whatever Robert Meyer Burnett just heard. Suddenly the question about three versions of Measure of a Man is reduced to miniscule importance.

And so it's Rob Bowman on the Q Who commentary - that makes a lot more sense. I look forward to any insights he may offer about his more innovative shooting techniques and why they weren't received well.

Naturally I'm not remotely dissatisfied with the extras on these releases, but I was hoping for a featurette each season on the restoration work, covering any new hurdles they discovered and giving us a sense of the progress of this mammoth project. Perhaps on season 3, when episodes like Yesterday's Enterprise and BOBW come into play.
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