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Re: This show sucks shit

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Ridiculous logic. The audience isn't responsible for a show being a failure. The makers of the show are.
Depends what you mean by audience. I find that usually the minority make a much bigger noise.
Yes, but if those in charge ever actually cared what the internet loudmouths thought, Smallville would have been cancelled in season one, instead of being allowed to "rape Superman's legacy" for ten whole years. JJ Abrams' Star Trek would never have reached the filming stage.

Enterprise was cancelled due to low ratings, high costs and a network boss more interested in ultra-cheap reality shows.

Sexy Human wrote:
I assure you all, I am not flaming or trolling... I actually love star trek. I love the idea, I loved TNG, and for the most part I really enjoyed the movies.

I am a realist, and I speak it like it is. This show is just really, painfully awful.

I am not going to lie. I kind of liked a few episodes. But for the most part it is really badly done, the characters are pretty weak, and its pretty boring and cheesy.
To me it sounds like you're describing The Next Generation. I recently enjoyed rewatches of Voyager, Enterprise and The Original Series. Although all had bad episodes, I felt the good very much outweighed the bad. But I stopped halfway through TNG. It's wasn't nearly as good I remembered. Other than Picard, Data and Pulaski, the other characters were virtually nonexistant, personality-wise (perhaps I've been spoiled by the novels). And I found the direction awful - the way they just stand there, arms at their sides, taking turns reciting lines...
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