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Farscape Comic Trade Paperbacks Issues?

A few months ago, I preordered The War on the Uncharted Territories, Volume 2 on Amazon, but when the release came along, Amazon suddenly claimed the item was temporarily unavailable and would be shipped as soon as it would become available. However, last month Amazon cancelled the order, saying they currently can't get hold of it. I wanted to wait until the release date for Volume 3 (and the final entry to the Farscape comic series) came along before I would worry. However, now Amazon is saying Volume 3 is also temporarily unavailable. I can't even find either of these items at Barnes & Noble online.

Does anyone (perhaps KRAD) know what's going and if these final two entries will become available? I know they haven't been selling well considering the switch from hardback to paperback, but I really hope these trade backs will be released because I want more Farscape!!!!

Is that so much to ask for?
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