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I'm talking about Blavatsky.

Yeah I'm wondering if it is of that era. Just curious as to when people first began speculating about ancient aliens.

From 1888:

[SIZE=2]In the second volume of the Secret Doctrine, on the origins of humanity ("Anthropogenesis"), Blavatsky speculated on the possibility of life on other worlds, arguing that the ancients were already aware of spiritually advanced creatures on planets such as Venus, and that these creatures (which she viewed as largely spiritual rather than biological entities, following the medieval Christian idea that angels resided on the crystal spheres associated with each planet in geocentric orbit) had visited the earth and aided the evolution of humanity. In his, Blavatsky generated an early form the Ancient Astronaut Theory, which would blossom into its modern form after European writers rediscovered it through its transmission in the work of later Theosophists like Annie Besant A.E. Powell (who were more explicit about the alien visitors) and the fiction of pulp writers like H. P. Lovecraft. Theosophy's Venusian visitors were even incorporated wholesale into the 1953 UFO hoax Flying Saucers Have Landed by Desmond Leslie and George Adamski.

(Yes that was all one sentence.)

So I'm wondering where she got it from since her stuff was usually fluffed up from others.
At that time, I think they conceived advanced ancient races, like Ignatius Donnelly proposed in his work 'Atlantis: The Antidiluvian World.

Aliens, space travelers, I think is a post WWII idea or slightly before with the development of rocketry and the real possibility of human extra-planetary travel.
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