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Re: This show sucks shit

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It is strange to see someone who is critical of Enterprise, but thinks its high point was season one.

To me, the first two seasons were mediochre at best, alternating between stupid plot ideas and the squandering of half-decent plot ideas. The third season was a really embarassing artifact of the immediate post-9/11 American psychology, a terrible waste of a year's worth of production... And then the fourth season under Coto and the 2 Reeves-Stevens was absolutely some of the highest quality Star Trek ever produced.
Well when the OP's idea of criticism is "sucks shit" you really don't expect in depth detail and analysis. Or even a consistent one.

I'll agree that the first two seasons drove away a lot of fans when it was originally airing. The 3rd season was alright, though was way too drawn out. With the exception of the alien Nazi's in Storm Front and the silliness(for lack of a harsher word) that was These are the Voyagers, season 4 did produce some very interesting and in depth episodes. If the ever hypothetical season 5 would've happened on a level of quality like this, perhaps it is disappointing the show was canceled. Ultimately though, the damage really was done in the first two seasons.
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