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Re: VOY Caption This 86; Delta Flyer Blues...

Thanks for the win!

Kim: So why'd you put all these big gizmos and gadgets on this ship?
Paris: You know it needed them.
Seven: Overcompensation for lack of something.

Celes: Is that a space worm in... er... you or are you just... happy... to see me?

Kim: It wasn't necessary to beam up her whole body in tact and dethaw it just to get her Borg neural processor.
Doctor: I've waited over 30 years to get her on my operating table.

Kim: So you've modified this ship to fuel your juvenile fighter jockey fantasies, now it's a submarines.... what's next a Duke of Hazard Buggy in here?

Janeway: I don't have the stones for this job?! I have big stones... and if you're not careful they just might crush you!
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