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Re: Origin of Armus - Exiled Founder?

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Oh, come on. Trek has retconned worse than that before.

Perhaps by "Born" Armus meant that he became the being he was when the Enterprise found him.
Eh, you're right. In that case ben sisko is captain kirks grandson. Oh and spock founded section 31. hey theres been worse!
That's not what I mean, and you know it.

I'm talking about an interpretation of a line in a non-literal sense.
Yeah but it doesn't make sense to me. If a race has become devoid of negative attributes, how could they be so cruel as to leave Armus alone like that to suffer for all eternity? Especially if it's someone they just happened to come across. That's even worse, because that would imply Armus wasn't as evil before as when they left him. I understand that they would still have the negative attributes before they hypothetically met this Armus fellow, but once they rid themselves of their negativity and evil, it would seem quite cruel for them to just leave him there suffering and not try and fix the situation, or fix him somehow.

The history of armus only makes sense if the people who left him did so either before he came into consciousness, or before they were aware of his consciousness. That way, they are completely unaware of the suffering they have caused and their goodness is still intact. If they met some being, and turned him into an evil pile of sludge, and left him there to suffer, that goes against the whole idea of them having no evil within them. They would be total assholes, regardless of what kind of person armus was before they met him.

As for the founders theory, it's too far of a reach for me that Armus could be an ex founder, or a remnant of the founders. Especially since he possesses telekinetic powers that they don't, and they live on complete opposite sides of the galaxy. He also says "those who left me dazzle all with their beauty" or whatever, and I don't really think there's anything particularly beautiful about the founders. They are just brown goo in their natural state... and as I said before, the founders have plenty of negative attributes. They are xenophobes who hate solids for the most part. Hate/racism is not really a positive attribute last time I checked.. It's just way too much of a reach for me, and it doesn't add up at all.
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