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Re: Currently working through the missing episode audios...

Journey's end...


While not a ground-breaking epic, a story far better than some of the other 'completely-missings', a story of a class struggle rather than a base under siege or a monster runaround, a story Star Trek would nick three years later! Ian Stuart Black does a great job but I can't help but feel it needed someone like David Whittaker to bring the characters to life.

In terms of what is good, the swansong for Steven was handled well, if rather abruptly, given Steven is probably my favourite sixties companion I'll probably always have a soft spot for this serial. Makes the events in Sierra Leone even harder now.

Welll... that's it. 25 stories (with two still to try and finish when I get better quality audios). Only taken me since May to complete.

I've managed to also get copies of some of the other 90s cassette releases (Power, Evil and Fury all narrated by Tom, and Tomb by Pertwee) so hopefully they're more audible than the Macra Terror was.

I'll review them as well. Gotta keep the thread going somehow.
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