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Re: Two new Star Trek Series might be coming to the small screen.

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Before TNG, he had a supporting role on CHiPs for three seasons. And during and since his Trek years, he has had an extensive, highly successful career as a voice actor in animation, including Gargoyles (Coldstone), Captain Simian and the Space Monkeys (the main villain Nebula, opposite Babylon 5's Jerry Doyle as the title hero), Cow and Chicken and its spinoff I Am Weasel (as the title character of the latter), Superman: TAS (Kalibak and Steel), Justice League (Kalibak), Duck Dodgers (all the Martian robots), Ben 10 (Dr. Vicktor), The Super Hero Squad Show (Ronan the Accuser), and many others. He also played the US President in Heroes and currently has a recurring role as Beckett's therapist on Castle. He's had a very successful and prolific acting career; it's just been built more on his voice than his face.
While I'm not snubbing his voiceover work (and I should know, since I narrate books on tape for a living), I was referring to on-screen roles since Trek in which he was as prominent as he was as the character of Worf. But you're right; I shouldn't have brushed his career off so harshly.
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