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The authorities that arrested Galileo without even looking at his information and notes probably thought he was not doing any 'honest work' either.
As a matter of fact, Galileo's information and notes were the SPECIFIC reason why he was arrested.

Hell, there's folks who refuse to believe the Sphinx could be at least twice as old than thought to be, despite water eroison all over it and its enclosure. Double it that it looks nothing like Chephren, I see the face of what I think is a black woman.
You DO realize that Chephren was black, right?

Remember, the Wright Brothers were flying for several years and people still said they never flew.
Those would be the same kinds of people who claimed the egyptians didn't build the pyramids, that the druids didn't build stonehenge, and that NASA didn't land on the moon.

Plus the fact we got primative people who did these things that we are only learning or able to do recently, tells me that, be it either some technologically advanced people...
The ancient egyptians WERE technologically advanced, especially for their time, and by some measures even by our standards. Significantly, they were considerably less advanced than WE are; that does not mean they were only a couple of misplaced rocks away from the stone age (actually, ancient egypt saw the launch of the bronze age).
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